This joint project has been organized by the department of Business Informatics of RANEPA’s faculty of IT-Technologies and Data Analysis and the MEF’s faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance for informational and cultural exchange between Russian and Serbian students. Our main goal is to build a platform for an effective interaction for both of the parties.


Cultural and educational process

During a week long trip of students from Serbia to Moscow we’ve made sure to arrange different learning and cultural events (for more details check out the “Educational Process” and “Events” pages). We did our best to help our guests to partake in Russian traditions and to do so we arranged numerous trips to the most important and famous landmarks of the city, presentations on the main cultural and educational objects, Russian language classes and many more. As a final part of our work together we’ve decided to build our joint website where we captured the most interesting parts of our guests’ trips.


Business Informatics

The main educational program for master’s degree in Business Informatics consists of a program for a bachelor’s degree (4 years, full-time program) and a specialized program for a master’s degree (2 years, full-time program).

A bachelor in Business Informatics is a specialist who studied general fields, i.e. Economics, Management, Law and IT-technologies and works with designing, implementing, analyzing and maintaining corporate informational systems.

A master in Business Informatics is a specialist, who is capable of following the current trends in InfoComm systems; determining the policy of enterprises and organizations working in the IT-technologies field; ensuring the development of joint plans of strategic and InfoComm development of enterprises; creating information models of business-processes; determining the composition and functions of informational systems and making informed decisions on the integration of individual information systems.


Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance (MEF)

Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance (MEF) is a modern knowledge institution with modern educational concept. Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral studies at the Faculty applied management, Economics and Finance – MEF, accredited and created in accordance with the needs of modern market business. MEF faculty is trying to apply original and efficient methods of training, which along with interactive learning through hands-on activities on a large number of examples and complex problems of practice. The MEF team encourages the acquisition of practical, applied knowledge and skills from Economics, Finance, management, Informatics, marketing and foreign languages as prerequisites for employment and building a successful business career.

Training aims not only to learn new facts, theories or equations, but also to encourage critical thinking. Education is changing the way we look at the world. Arouses curiosity. Curiosity is the driving force of success. Stimulates on creativity. This is the point of study.